Friday, June 11, 2010

bZ, bZ, bZ

between 5th grade end of year, end of elementary school and end of the world as we know it ceremonies, celebrations, brouhahas, and the very unlikely involvement of the smnll softball minors bulldogs in the tournament of champions FINAL game,
there's been a dearth of knitting.  but the teacher gifts are delivered, and now that the softball season and the school year are over, we're on our way to baja.  i expect a grocery bag will be knitted. ;-)

see you next week.

Monday, June 7, 2010

been around the block

look at this crunchy thing!  in person, it's more attractive, though with the black you cannot really see the fine stockinette lacy/angley/swirliness of it all.  in particular, without being blocked, it really just looks like a crunched up pile of knitting.  but this is the lush-ious cowl (ravlink), and i knit it three times with the berroco lustra, chosen because it is 50% tencel, so the wool content may not be as itchy around the neck.   i liked the lustra -- it is of course not as stretchy or flexible as pure wool, but not like working with straight silk. 
bottom two blocked, top one unblocked.  look at those gorgeous swirls!  regardez!

i'm not a comfortable blocker,  but this one was easy -- no pins, just letting them dry on a towel on the kitchen floor.
hot tip:  use jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind-off to make the edges equally stretchy and flexible.

teacher gifts!  please dry by wednesday...