Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i DO have knitting to show you...

... but til then, here's a sign i see on my way to work at my husband's office.  it reminds me of my junior high friends, and how we taught ourselves the signing alphabet so we could speak silently in class when we were bored ;-).  it also reminds me of a high school acquaintance, whom i am friends with now, who translates for the deaf for a living.

she and i have the fact in common that we are the mothers of type 1 diabetes kids.  it's a sort of club.  facebook has been my friend, in this case!

that sign says LAMAR, by the way.  it's the name of the company that sells billboard space.  the "m" took me the longest to remember. ;-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

because i can...

i think i'm just about at 30,000 feet, and, whoa! free wifi!  there's no way to get a double chin-free angle without calling a great deal of attention to myself, so i'll live with the highly unflattering view of moi. ツ

so here's a look at my knitting. i think i'll catch up on some daily show episodes while i knit. high altitude awesomeness!

this is the border of the scarflet i am knitting. can you see the points?

and here is the top edge -- i love it! i am just about ready to start my decreases.

would you judge me if i ordered a bloody to drink while all of this relaxing is taking place? i'm not driving when i get to baltimore...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

hey! crochet!

i used up more kitchen cotton on a crocheted potholder.  i would NEVER hold a pot with this --  a hot one, anyway!  it will make a snappy washcloth.  i followed this pattern, it was quick and fun to do, but i'm think i'm over it now.  i did tack a lot of the internal edges together with a tapestry needle, so the fabric is sturdier in the center.  ravlink.

for mother's day, i'll show you what i just knit up for thing 1, who turned me into a mother over 11 years ago ;-)
i saw a picture of this hat, and decided to knit something similar for her while waiting for my knitting students at abuelita's.  boredom after a few rows, plus a suggestion that it's soon going to be too hot for a hat led me to repeat the first few rows, bind off, and call it a cool headband!  ravlink gives the knitting details if you'd like to do one.  i love the blue sky alpaca cotton -- it's colorful and very soft for cotton, and very drapey for cotton as well.
happy mother's day to you!  i know you have one, even if you aren't one ツ

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wednesday night knitting...

... well, i needed a stirrer! ;-)  32" size 7 addi turbos.  highly recommended!

i AM the macgyver of knitting.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hangin' out

i THINK this is a young female rufous hummingbird, enjoying the sunshine on the wire above my driveway.  she's really backlit, so it's hard to say exactly.

we have a lot of hummingbirds here in southern california, but unless their nest is threatened or it is really really quiet outside, they're hard to hear above all the other noise in our environment.  and they are very quick, darting around and disappearing into the trees before you can get a good look.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

simple arithmetic?


hours of scarf planning fun!
maybe no product, but so fun to think about ;-)

1.  madelinetosh prairie, color wren
2.  elsie knitted border
3.  english inset
4.  graph paper ;-)