Wednesday, June 22, 2011

beach blanket bingo

we're back from baja, and the beach was lovely.  i did not meet my goal of finishing the complete squares on my mitered tunisian square blanket, but i got some squares done.  above -- how the blanket looked when i got there.
and -- that was the extent of my progress.

here's where the blanket rested:

and here's where i sat and "worked".

i hope you are enjoying your summer!  we're back to "real life" here, and i hope to get some knitting done.  and maybe a blanket!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

corrections and retractions ツ

my little bird, which i thought was a dusky warbler, turns out to be a bewick's wren.  though dusky warblers have been seen in california, it would have been quite a rare sighting down here in LA.  my biology professor and amateur ornithologist brother-in-law got me straightened out!

these bird parents are busy all day long, feeding their babies, who chirp long and loud for their frequent meals!  they are so quick that i continue to have difficulty snapping a decent picture.
new mystery bird... a pair live in my neighbor's yard.  i have NO idea what this one is!

knitting will return in my next post.  lots of dishcloths, for some reason!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my bird

a poor photo, but this dusky warbler is so quick, it was really hard to capture him/her with my camera.  s/he has a nest with babies in a deep nook in my garden wall.  i have not seen him/her today -- i hope i have not scared her away.  the babies are still peeping.