Sunday, February 27, 2011

pretty in pashmina

i started another project.   as though i needed to start another project.  this one i wanted to do as soon as i saw it at purl bee.  but i did not want it to be quite so big and heavy, so i bought some beautiful madeline tosh pashmina in an incredible denim blue (the photos do not do the color justice), and cast on.
i cast on 300 stitches, instead of the recommended 220, using a 31" size 11 circular, and started this herringbone stitch.  it's a bit slippery and fiddly, but it's really easy, and this loopy scarf is coming out fantastic!  it's easy enough that it qualifies as stoplight knitting, meaning it has some hope of actually being finished.  i want it to be about 8" wide -- now it's just 2" and i have 3 oz. of yarn left.  i may have to invest in some more.
this stitch is so elegant and dignified.  i love it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

i can see the snow...

... while running errands around town.  i know it's not very impressive to those living in the far north, but it is a lovely way for mother nature to decorate our view here!

i have slurped the following picture from this ravelry pattern.

thinking about crocheting this rug is the closest i've been to a snowflake lately.  isn't it a fun pattern?  i may have to do this...

ETA -- here is the link to the blog with the pattern for this snowflake.

ps -- thank you for your comments about the shamrocks -- they really are darling in real life ツ

Friday, February 25, 2011

spring is coming. really.

time to start thinking about spring!  and we are about to have our coldest day in a generation here in southern california:
those darling shamrocks (ravlink) are SO easy to crochet -- they take about 10 minutes apiece, and they are such cute little charms.  6 yards of 12 ply silk made 3 of the 4 leaf clovers with about 2 feet of yarn to spare.  i used the silk because it is shinier and will withstand use better than cotton.
here it is in place on my little boy's backpack.  it's not too girlie, is it???

Saturday, February 19, 2011

a fun thing about being a mom...

... is being able to give permission to turn this mild-mannered blond 12 year old into
a wild child with a fuchsia streak!