Friday, February 25, 2011

spring is coming. really.

time to start thinking about spring!  and we are about to have our coldest day in a generation here in southern california:
those darling shamrocks (ravlink) are SO easy to crochet -- they take about 10 minutes apiece, and they are such cute little charms.  6 yards of 12 ply silk made 3 of the 4 leaf clovers with about 2 feet of yarn to spare.  i used the silk because it is shinier and will withstand use better than cotton.
here it is in place on my little boy's backpack.  it's not too girlie, is it???


Sassafrass said...

Oh. My. HEAVENS. Those are the best little shamrocks ever! Going to have to make a FEW pairs of shamrock earrings now! Thanks!

(Additionally, I don't think it's too girly at all!)

Leena said...

Those are so pretty ;)
And yes I am smiling! Green colour is so fantastic.
Thanks for link ;)

How about the snow? Did you see it?

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Coldest day? I wish I were there. Last week we had every day between -4 F and -22 F (-20 - -30 C) and some night even -34 F (-37 C)!!! You asked about northern lights, and yes we have northern lights and I have seen them, but haven't got pictures of them. Your shamrocks are lovely!