Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a rare treat

for a southern california non-mountain dweller, a thunderstorm is rare.  i myself did not see any lightning, but heard some good rollers, and the rain we had came almost from the clear blue sky (behind me when i was taking the picture).  so, we had a double rainbow, hard to see but there nonetheless.

i guess we're no longer hot and dry, but warm and damp?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

no joke

this is MUCH MUCH MUCH better.  and may i say thank heaven for a/c.  and may i also say that i hope that my friend madtosh lisa has working a/c soon!

and here's the cardigan she mentioned in the comments.  it's straight up gorge, though i'm concerned i might not survive all that stockinette.  cables could be introducedso could a pretty lace insert.

or it might just be perfect plain!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

ready for my (clue 3) close-up

clue 3 complete, even as the speedy knitters are finishing clue 4!  can't wait to start on my next set of leaves!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

saving myself from myself == throwing myself a lifeline

or, the lifeline in lace.  i know there are some novice lace knitters in the 22 leaves mystery kal, so i thought i'd show how i insert a lifeline.  the purpose of the lifeline is insurance against mistakes.  once installed, it gives you a place to rip back to, where everything is known to be correct, and you don't have to tink all those rows, with all those yo's and double yo's.

i put my first one in on row 22.  i deliberately chose an even row on this pattern so i would be able to slide my tapestry needle through purled and knitted stitches, and no yo's.

it's quite easy to do.
  1. find a tapestry needle and contrasting thread/yarn (i used crochet cotton)
  2. make sure your fabric is correct per the pattern
  3. slide the stitches to the middle of your cable (if on a circular)
  4. carefully follow the cable with your threaded needle, going right next to the cable, through the stitches.
  5. write down the row number that has the lifeline inserted
  6. that's it!
here's what it looks like -- i have one at row 22 and one right through the live stitches at row 34.
yup!  scrunchy lifeline goodness!  i did not pull out my old one until i successfully installed the new, as you can see.

now knit according to the pattern, carefully NOT knitting your lifeline, leaving it free to be pulled easily from the fabric, since you'll never need it, because you took the time to do it!!
that's what it looks like after the row has been knit. 

all this lifeline business is the reason i'm still not done with clue 2, i'm sure.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

clue 1 complete!

lessons learned:
  1. print out the chart enLARGEd
  2. knit kid-free, and
  3. knit kid-free
did i already say that?

Friday, September 17, 2010

mystery knitalong

lankakomero (see link under must-reads in the right-hand sidebar) is having a mystery KAL -- so fun!

destashing some lace yarn, and we're off!  first clue released today!

chester and maiu are also knitting along, i think -- i swear chester must think i dress in red, carry a pitchfork and sit on his left shoulder twirling my evil tail ;-).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

sometimes i like my kitchen

  • when it's clean
  • when i don't have to cook in it (not a big cooker, moi)
  • when i really look at the treasures it holds, things i use every day without seeing
from left to right:
teapot wedding gift (can't remember the source);
pepper grinder - gift from my lovely s-in-law;
salt cellar with tiny spoon from my m-in-law, both ensconced on a pottery dish she made; 
well-used honey jar from my brother, souvenir from a long ago trip to alaska (the "alaskan honey" sticker just came off last week -- the remaining label is unreadable now);
sugar bowls and spoons, also from my m-in-law, also on a little tray she made; 
barley and rice canisters, being used now for flour and wooden utensils, both from my estonian grandma's kitchen -- i remember seeing them nearly half a century ago being used by her;
salad servers - gift from our scottish friends now living in sydney; 
salad tongs - souvenir gift from my mom from her new zealand adventure;
and up top, beautiful talavera majolica plates, also from my m-in-law.

remind me about all of those precious kindnesses people have shown me, please, next time i'm racing around trying to shovel food down people's throats. ツ

ps -- there are two sugar bowls because one holds splenda and the other actual sugar

Monday, September 6, 2010

for thing 1

she wanted a blue one.  i like how it came out!

this one was also quite inexpensive... about $8 to make -- the beads were on sale.  it also took less time than my first one, as i was more experienced with the fiddliness of it all.

jogging... own memory.  this is my new favorite tomato plant, still cranking out the sweetest, most gorgeous yellow tomatoes.  it produced early, it produced often, and next year i want four of these plants.


it always looked pretty ratty and unhealthy, and we thought it had died several times.  still, it keeps on going!  almost pulled it out this weekend but saw lots more little greenies in there, so postponed the inevitable for a while longer.

Friday, September 3, 2010

water bomb slouchy hat

a new free pattern for you!  seamless, cotton, quick, and you get to learn a new technique -- the tubular cast-on!  or maybe you already know the tubular cast-on, in which case i'll bet you can finish this simple hat in a few hours.  i completed it quite quickly, and i am a slow knitter.

the tubular cast-on gives you a nice edge, and the perfect place to hide some elastic thread.  threading some elastic through the cast-on edge makes the cotton ribbing snap back into place and remain snug on your head.

the lace is both charted and written out, and there are links to the lace-charting website and the youtube video from which i learned the cast-on.

enjoy!  happy knitting!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

whirled peas

i saw these cool bracelets, and they were $VERY EXPENSIVE$.  google being my friend, and all, i checked for tutorials, and sure enough!  a wonderful step-by-step how to, complete with supply list, appeared.  so i did it! 
how fun is this??  and it cost about $12 at michael's for supplies.  it takes some time, as it's quite fiddly, but what's an hour worth?
there may be another of these in my future...

block me baby, block me all night long

oh, how soft and sumptuous the harsh noro sock yarn becomes upon blocking!  here is the final picture of my clapotis, blocked and hanging doubled over the clothesline. mmmmmm, the plaid goodness...