Thursday, September 16, 2010

sometimes i like my kitchen

  • when it's clean
  • when i don't have to cook in it (not a big cooker, moi)
  • when i really look at the treasures it holds, things i use every day without seeing
from left to right:
teapot wedding gift (can't remember the source);
pepper grinder - gift from my lovely s-in-law;
salt cellar with tiny spoon from my m-in-law, both ensconced on a pottery dish she made; 
well-used honey jar from my brother, souvenir from a long ago trip to alaska (the "alaskan honey" sticker just came off last week -- the remaining label is unreadable now);
sugar bowls and spoons, also from my m-in-law, also on a little tray she made; 
barley and rice canisters, being used now for flour and wooden utensils, both from my estonian grandma's kitchen -- i remember seeing them nearly half a century ago being used by her;
salad servers - gift from our scottish friends now living in sydney; 
salad tongs - souvenir gift from my mom from her new zealand adventure;
and up top, beautiful talavera majolica plates, also from my m-in-law.

remind me about all of those precious kindnesses people have shown me, please, next time i'm racing around trying to shovel food down people's throats. ツ

ps -- there are two sugar bowls because one holds splenda and the other actual sugar

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Acrylic-Girl said...

I like your kitchen, especially those pretty plates on the wall. And I don't cook either.