Sunday, September 13, 2009

is it a table runner?

or a scarf?

how 'bout that green and white striped top? we clearly did not dress up for our modeling session ;-).

here's a dishcloth made by combining two tunisian crochet stitches in different ways:
oh -- and the middle square is a tunisian cross stitch, done using the simple stitch and crossing 2 bars on the forward row. i think if you click on the picture it will get really big and you'll see some detail.

tunisian crochet has been lots of fun to explore, especially with the noro and the 3 color experiment. it's a heavy scarf (almost 6 full skeins) and will be yummy and warm!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i restarted the 3 color tunisian in hope that a sample hanging at abuelita's will attract a class. it's now close to 6 feet long and i'm on my second set of noro skeins. my wrist got a little overused so i used that opportunity to return to knitting and finish up a few things.

when i was in colorado, i got all but 14 handle rows done (under 100 stitches) and 2 kitcheners done on this knitty french market bag. this time, i followed the measurements given in the pattern, but still doubled the worsted weight yarn and used size 13 needles like i did on my last one. as a result, this one is smaller but just as useful! the fair isle pattern i grabbed (and modified slightly) from the 2 at a time socks book.
after felting:have you seen ysolda's wee owl? thing 1 has a harry potter theme birthday party to go to, so i thought this would be cute as a little package decoration.
finally, my latest lace sampler bag. i started off again with the blueberry stitch from nancy bush's knitted lace of estonia, then did several rounds of y/o k2tog, then several rounds of the filet stitch i did on my green blueberry filet. then 1 round of k1, y/o, one round of knit, dropping the y/o's, then back to the looser round. i found a lace pattern i wanted to try, and here's the result -- a sturdy, good-looking grocery bag!

pretty productive avoidance, wouldn't you say?! ;-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

mrs. lear's leaf

i faithfully follow the runcible bin (you can see it on my list to the right), and have been watching her delightful short-row experiment with kitchen cotton and a leaf-shaped dishcloth. yesterday she offered a pattern, i jumped on it, and here's the result!

isn't it fun? i have not done much with short rows so it took me a bit to understand the shorthand; i also had kids running around while i was doing it so it may not look exactly right. but i used up some stash i didn't like for the veining -- that came out even better than i had hoped, and modified the stem the tiniest bit so that the light green would come out on the edge. i have no idea why that was important to me ;-) but it was! and luckily i guessed right on the early bind-off. if you double-click on the pictures, you will see them larger and in more detail.

back to the tunisian crochet -- yes, i started another one in hopes of attracting a class to teach at abuelita's. it looks gorgeous, but my wrist hurts -- the motion is a lot more repetitive than knitting for me. time to suck it up and git 'er done!