Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i restarted the 3 color tunisian in hope that a sample hanging at abuelita's will attract a class. it's now close to 6 feet long and i'm on my second set of noro skeins. my wrist got a little overused so i used that opportunity to return to knitting and finish up a few things.

when i was in colorado, i got all but 14 handle rows done (under 100 stitches) and 2 kitcheners done on this knitty french market bag. this time, i followed the measurements given in the pattern, but still doubled the worsted weight yarn and used size 13 needles like i did on my last one. as a result, this one is smaller but just as useful! the fair isle pattern i grabbed (and modified slightly) from the 2 at a time socks book.
after felting:have you seen ysolda's wee owl? thing 1 has a harry potter theme birthday party to go to, so i thought this would be cute as a little package decoration.
finally, my latest lace sampler bag. i started off again with the blueberry stitch from nancy bush's knitted lace of estonia, then did several rounds of y/o k2tog, then several rounds of the filet stitch i did on my green blueberry filet. then 1 round of k1, y/o, one round of knit, dropping the y/o's, then back to the looser round. i found a lace pattern i wanted to try, and here's the result -- a sturdy, good-looking grocery bag!

pretty productive avoidance, wouldn't you say?! ;-)

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