Monday, September 7, 2009

mrs. lear's leaf

i faithfully follow the runcible bin (you can see it on my list to the right), and have been watching her delightful short-row experiment with kitchen cotton and a leaf-shaped dishcloth. yesterday she offered a pattern, i jumped on it, and here's the result!

isn't it fun? i have not done much with short rows so it took me a bit to understand the shorthand; i also had kids running around while i was doing it so it may not look exactly right. but i used up some stash i didn't like for the veining -- that came out even better than i had hoped, and modified the stem the tiniest bit so that the light green would come out on the edge. i have no idea why that was important to me ;-) but it was! and luckily i guessed right on the early bind-off. if you double-click on the pictures, you will see them larger and in more detail.

back to the tunisian crochet -- yes, i started another one in hopes of attracting a class to teach at abuelita's. it looks gorgeous, but my wrist hurts -- the motion is a lot more repetitive than knitting for me. time to suck it up and git 'er done!


Mrs. Lear said...

Fantastic! Love the veins!

Rachel May said...

how fun! I love it-and I'm a big fan of the runcible bin myself:)

knitinsage said...

rm -- try one of those leaves! you'll love how the short rows and k2tog's start creating the sections -- it's quite fun, and you'll learn a lot if you haven't done a lot of short rows.

JANET said...

very lettucey. did it take a lot of concentration?

knitinsage said...

hey, janet -- it took a bit of concentration for me until i became familiar with how the pattern was written and the flow of the short rows. then it just zooms along without too much focus, mostly because you can't really make a mistake on a lettucey dishcloth!
thx for the comment!