Sunday, September 13, 2009

is it a table runner?

or a scarf?

how 'bout that green and white striped top? we clearly did not dress up for our modeling session ;-).

here's a dishcloth made by combining two tunisian crochet stitches in different ways:
oh -- and the middle square is a tunisian cross stitch, done using the simple stitch and crossing 2 bars on the forward row. i think if you click on the picture it will get really big and you'll see some detail.

tunisian crochet has been lots of fun to explore, especially with the noro and the 3 color experiment. it's a heavy scarf (almost 6 full skeins) and will be yummy and warm!


me said...

the scarf/table runner looks very pretty... I would definitely sign up for it... although with that heavy of a scarf, i think i would like to use that method for a small cuddly blanket.

knitinsage said...

mary, it would be perfect for a small cuddly blanket!

Rachel May said...

the color variations are fantastic! And a blanket in that stitch-how wonderful!