Friday, July 15, 2011

old news...

about a year and a half ago, this handsome, barefoot boy with shoes of tan and his t-shirt on backwards asked his mother to knit him a pair of socks.

a year ago, she got this far while on vacation in colorado.  she put them away.

last winter, while preparing her knitting for the long drive to san ignacio lagoon in baja california sur, mexico, she rediscovered those socks, and, realizing that THE HARD PART WAS ALREADY DONE, finished them in about an hour while traveling through the desert in baja.

happy boy.

silly mom.

which is also old news.  ツ

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

summer dishes...

... require a summer dishcloth.

and sassafras asked about my rainbow cotton thread. it is the psychedelic colorway, and i bought the giant 12 oz. skein on sale at joann's.  i have no idea how it holds up to washing, but it's certainly fun to knit with.  the blue will rub off on your wrapping finger, though.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

some summer successes

so far, i have knit one hot pad, and five washcloths, experimenting with techniques and patterns.  i don't know what i'll do with them but they're fun, quick, easy and bright. 

i also have a baby sweater to show, but after blocking...

hope you're enjoying your vacation!