Sunday, August 9, 2009

green blueberry filet

here's a quick grocery bag i finished today. there is a lace stitch in the nancy bush knitted lace of estonia called blueberry. it's charming and open, and it made me want to try it in one of my spur of the moment grocery bags. here it is close up.
i put that stitch near the top, then 3 rows of stockinette, then a simple filet stitch i found on the internet down to the bottom.
with 2 tone icord for handles, it almost looks like a cute summer top!
it holds a lot, though!
so why is it green? the yarn is 100% soybean i got at abuelita's, my local yarn store. i have to say i am not crazy about this yarn. it was both sticky and slippery -- how can that be? i don't know, and it could be because i used bamboo needles for most of it, and the plant fiber could have not worked well with the bamboo. it did work better with the size 7 aluminum needle i used for the bottom. to do another bag, i'll use addi turbos to see if they help. i'll bet they do.

here's the recipe:
using 1 skein of the kollage delicious and a size 13 circular needle, cast on 56 stitches. join in the round, knit 2 rounds, then start the blueberry stitch. you could use any open lace stitch that has a 4 stitch / 4 row repeat. i knit 4 repeats of this. (the blueberry stitch is in the nancy bush book referenced above.) knit 3 rounds stockinette, then start the filet stitch. go as deep as you'd like. i then fashioned a bit of a bottom by knitting 2 rounds stockinette with the size 13, 5 rounds with a size 7, then turning the bag inside out to do a 3 needle bind-off for a sturdy bottom.

that should use up almost all of the skein, depending on how deep you go. you'll need a bit more yarn to knit up a 4 st. icord (using 2 size 9 dpns with the yarn doubled). make it as long as you like for handles!

ETA: well, this yarn is quite fragile, and was tragically split by a mildly edgy plastic lettuce bin. it looks great, but i won't be using it for any more bags. i guess really expensive washcloths are in its future.
plus, the split caused the untimely demise of a bottle of tequila, so i'm peeved at it. ;-)

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