Friday, August 7, 2009

what's wrong with this picture?

i decided to do a sewn bind-off for this sweater so it would be flexible. i looked online for some directions, wrote them down, and started binding off on the right side. i got about 10 stitches into it and realized that i liked how the wrong side looked better than the right side. i had already cut the yarn to start sewing and did not want to knit another row -- what to do? i just followed the directions backwards!

here you can clearly see the needle going into the stitches as if to purl -- in bizarro world ;-)
it actually worked just fine.

here i hope you can see the difference in appearance between the front and the back. the back does not look bad, but the front looks much more finished.

next time i do a sewn bind-off, i'll try to remember to start it on the wrong side.

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Katie said...

Who knew? I'll try to remember that next time I do one.