Saturday, August 8, 2009

the trouble with intarsia, and a toe dilemma

looks pretty cute and done, doesn't it? wait, what's that little white tail sticking out there on the top? ah, yes, now i remember. the trouble with intarsia.

i was afraid it would come to this. i finished this much of this stocking 7 months ago, and am finally facing the tails.

when it took me less than an hour to achieve this...
...i was pretty aggravated that i had put it off for so long. those unfinished projects can gnaw at you like a guilty conscience, and this one has, since it is for a family baby. granted, he won't need it until december, but i hope they haven't bought another in the mean time. or worse, received another one made with love and much more discipline ;-).

i just need to add some snowflake buttons on the trees, some gift buttons on top of santa's sack, some puffy white beard and the charming name AIDAN to the top.

bringing me to my name-adding dilemma: which way do your family stockings face? toe right or toe left?

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