Sunday, September 19, 2010

saving myself from myself == throwing myself a lifeline

or, the lifeline in lace.  i know there are some novice lace knitters in the 22 leaves mystery kal, so i thought i'd show how i insert a lifeline.  the purpose of the lifeline is insurance against mistakes.  once installed, it gives you a place to rip back to, where everything is known to be correct, and you don't have to tink all those rows, with all those yo's and double yo's.

i put my first one in on row 22.  i deliberately chose an even row on this pattern so i would be able to slide my tapestry needle through purled and knitted stitches, and no yo's.

it's quite easy to do.
  1. find a tapestry needle and contrasting thread/yarn (i used crochet cotton)
  2. make sure your fabric is correct per the pattern
  3. slide the stitches to the middle of your cable (if on a circular)
  4. carefully follow the cable with your threaded needle, going right next to the cable, through the stitches.
  5. write down the row number that has the lifeline inserted
  6. that's it!
here's what it looks like -- i have one at row 22 and one right through the live stitches at row 34.
yup!  scrunchy lifeline goodness!  i did not pull out my old one until i successfully installed the new, as you can see.

now knit according to the pattern, carefully NOT knitting your lifeline, leaving it free to be pulled easily from the fabric, since you'll never need it, because you took the time to do it!!
that's what it looks like after the row has been knit. 

all this lifeline business is the reason i'm still not done with clue 2, i'm sure.

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