Sunday, May 9, 2010

hey! crochet!

i used up more kitchen cotton on a crocheted potholder.  i would NEVER hold a pot with this --  a hot one, anyway!  it will make a snappy washcloth.  i followed this pattern, it was quick and fun to do, but i'm think i'm over it now.  i did tack a lot of the internal edges together with a tapestry needle, so the fabric is sturdier in the center.  ravlink.

for mother's day, i'll show you what i just knit up for thing 1, who turned me into a mother over 11 years ago ;-)
i saw a picture of this hat, and decided to knit something similar for her while waiting for my knitting students at abuelita's.  boredom after a few rows, plus a suggestion that it's soon going to be too hot for a hat led me to repeat the first few rows, bind off, and call it a cool headband!  ravlink gives the knitting details if you'd like to do one.  i love the blue sky alpaca cotton -- it's colorful and very soft for cotton, and very drapey for cotton as well.
happy mother's day to you!  i know you have one, even if you aren't one ツ

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