Wednesday, November 12, 2008

christmas already????

thing one (9) and thing two (6) are about to be displaced as the youngest (by FAR) on my husband's side of the family. a baby shower and a soon-to-be-greatgrandma whose blindness prevents her from knitting any more stockings for family babies have inspired me to start xmas early.

so it is almost finished, largely because my secrecy cover was blown by my own big mouth, talking about it to another big mouth; frantic weekend knitting so as not to disappoint soon-to-be-greatgrandma in whose name this will be given.

darn it! if i do not finish in time for the shower next week, that will be another good-intention-paver on my well-tiled road to hell.

hoping that when i block it, it won't bleed. it's lamb's pride, so nice, but...

ho-ho-ho! merry intarsia magic-loop sorta fair-isle mighta miscounted some rows while knitting backwards!

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Rachel May said...

Well I'm definitely not advance enough in the knitting skills to do any sort of intarsia! Still haven't finished the second sock, and I'm ashamed. I have started it though-after finding out that the sock fits my boyfriend better than me, he's getting them for Christmas. I might not be nice about it though:)
Rachel May