Monday, December 22, 2008

my favorite teacher gift

thing 2 has a young teacher, new to the school, and i suspect she was given all the little rejects -- many esl children, a few iep kids (including thing 2), none of whom has ever attended our lovely elementary school before (except thing 2, kindergarten). she has been so kind, open to communication, and compassionate with our little one, that i decided to give her something a bit more elaborate than the $20 starbucks card that is my standard gift.

so i found this pattern, changed it a little, natch, and look how it came out. (well this is not a great picture of it, but...)

drying on the service porch

here's what i did to get my edges:

and her first name is jennifer, so here's what i chain-stitched on the front, after finding a suitably cute font:

big giant felted french knot dots the j. cute!

i think i used paton's merino, 2 skeins (one of each color), doubled, on size 15 needles. for the handles i cast off 10 st. in the middle of each side, then cast on 50.

best teacher gift ever. according to moi.


woodanne said...

katie wilson told me to ckeck out your blog
glad I did

LOVE the knitting- paritcularly the chirstams stocking. reminds me of hte one my mom made me which I adore.

keep knitting and blogging and I will keep coming back
very inspiring

woodanne said...

oops forgot the spell check