Friday, July 24, 2009

for your shower...

this is the soap sweater that joined the wine bag that interrupted the clapotis that interrupted the yellow sweater that interrupted the bags that interrupted the february lady sweater that lived in the house that jack built. ;-)

here's how i did it:
i think i used a 7 or 8 long circular for this (magic loop). i looked at several soap sweater patterns on blogs, then kind of made one up to use up some noro.

c/o 6 st, then kfb in each one. split the stitches to create a round, then just increased by kfb twice on each end every other round until the little sack was big enough. i think i got up to about 30 stitches.

tuck the soap into the sack, then start doing k2tog twice on each end every other row until you are down to 12 stitches. then i just did a 3 needle bind-off.

i striped the noro for the fun of it.

the stripes are wavy because the soap has already been in use and the little sweater has started felting.

this is easily done in an hour or two -- it is a bit fiddly maneuvering the soap there at the end, but i'm thinking xmas gifts with leftover yarn!

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Rachel May said...

What's a soap sweater? I feel so out of the loop!