Thursday, April 1, 2010

oh how i love my time in baja

so here's a copy of a little video i made and posted last year.  it was taken with my cell phone's limited video feature, so quality isn't great, but i LOVE how the music goes with the kite's rise and fall.

i should be grocery shopping and packing bathing suits, but i'm thinking about knitting. what should i bring? i like knitting cotton down there, because it can be a little warm, sticky and sandy for wool projects. i'm bored with my current projects, even my "must.finish.this.soon" projects i'd like to have in place for workshop samples. i want to buy new yarn. there. i've said it. like i don't have enough.

OH wait -- i just had an idea! i have some cotton that's been sitting around forever halfway knit into a sweater for my daughter. it was not coming together so i finally frogged it. i saw this scarf on ravelry. it's exactly the same as the multi-directional scarf i just finished, only with 1x1 ribbing instead of seed stitch or garter. it would be awesome with different colored snakey triangles in hot pink, sunshine yellow and bright turquoise!

thanks for the chat. that really helped!  ツ

the grocery shopping and the packing will commence, right after i take these pictures...see you next week!

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Marie-Jolie said...

I frequently find myself thinking of knitting when I ought to be thinking about other things. It's inevitable, I think! :)