Friday, November 12, 2010

paisleys and washcloths

i used the autumnal palettes i "discovered" on to paint some paisleys. what i learned:
  1. if you don't gesso your canvas, you get a lovely canvassy texture on your background
  2. if you don't use your paint in say a year, some colors may be dried up and unusable
  3. if you don't have an adequate variety of paint colors, the colors you blend will be remarkably uniform
  4. make sure your overlaid color is significantly different in shade intensity than your background color
  5. i still love drawing paisleys
  6. a painting can be a color sketch

how about some washcloths to consume some stoplight time? i have always liked that basic washcloth recipe, illustrated by the green one with the blue stripe. the center corners always buckle on me, however. this time, i just put a little set of short rows in each corner, and voila! no buckling!

your washcloth hint for the day. you're welcome.ツ

1 comment:

Sassafrass said...

Holy cow, you painted those paisleys? Well done! I'm envious!