Wednesday, June 22, 2011

beach blanket bingo

we're back from baja, and the beach was lovely.  i did not meet my goal of finishing the complete squares on my mitered tunisian square blanket, but i got some squares done.  above -- how the blanket looked when i got there.
and -- that was the extent of my progress.

here's where the blanket rested:

and here's where i sat and "worked".

i hope you are enjoying your summer!  we're back to "real life" here, and i hope to get some knitting done.  and maybe a blanket!


Leena said...

Oh it´s look so lovely ;)
I cant wait too see when its ready!

And your way to spent a holiday looks great!

Sassafrass said...

The colors on that blanket are to die for. And so is Baja, apparently.

Hope you're enjoying summer!