Thursday, October 15, 2009

if i start knitting a blanket,

will i finish it?

look at these gee's bend quilt sections:

would it not be so fun to interpret one of those in knitting? how would it look felted?

this is not a new idea, being inspired by quilts, but i am enjoying thinking about doing things like using short rows to emulate the uneven blocks of fabric, using noro to generate uneven sorts of stripes... wow. fun to ponder...


Acrylic-Girl said...

Oh those colour combinations are awesome! They would make wonderful blankets.

knitinsage said...

aren't they incredible colors?? although my inner green wants to make some changes ;-)

Rachel May said...

ooh-I'm a huge fan of log-cabin quilting/knitting! I have a log cabin quilt that I made in high school-I love it. Go for it!
Rachel May