Thursday, October 22, 2009

knitting is my bag

my latest bag started off as a simple large tote, but then i wanted it to go from dark brown to dark green, blended by a skein of complementary kureyon, and when i got done with that, it looked so yummy and tweedy that i had to fight the urge to do the top as argyle and complete the whole old-fashioned knit feel. so i decided to entrelac the top, just to generate those diagonals as texture, with limited color change (blending green and brown for a tweedy feel again, on the squares). we'll see how it goes -- the entrelac is a slow process, for me.
here's the kureyon tweediness -- it'll be even more tweedy once it's felted. (btw, the colors are not especially representative of reality; c'est la vie, or at least la photographie)

it's hard to take a picture of entrelac in progress!!!

i'm not sure how it will felt up, with three different yarns, straight stockinette, and entrelac started from stockinette on the top. if the entrelac flares a bit, that will be ok, but if it shrinks up smaller than the stockinette, i'll be disappointed. it's going to have to be a careful felt.


Katie said...

I'm usually a pretty careless felter, so this totally makes me nervous! Can't wait to see how it goes.

Rachel May said...

I'm nervous to see how it turns out, too! I don't have much on the needles right now-I've been away from it for a while-I'm mid sock on one project, mid blanket on another (crochet) project....I am not accomplishing a lot, though.

Glad to see you are!

Rachel May