Friday, November 20, 2009

ER... scowl

well, i have had a scary week. it peaked at 9:30pm tuesday when a neurologist told me to take my 7 year old to the ER immediately for a CT scan to rule out a brain tumor. i will not lie -- i brought knitting. i grabbed my knitting bag containing the clapotis (i want to FINISH it) -- my knitting bag also had some random needles and yarn. my 79.2 lb. 7 year old sat on my lap from 10 pm until about 2 am, when he fell asleep on the bed in our cold ER room as we were waiting for the machine. i looked at the clapotis and thought "i cannot even pretend to care about a pattern right now" and so i rummaged through the bag and found some yarn i bought at michael's when i was back east last month -- a lovely soft bamboo blend from caron in sage -- and some 10.5 needles. "i will make a scarf," thought i. 4 cast-on's later (it was REALLY hard to concentrate), i settled on 21 stitches and the lace equivalent of garter stitch. sl 1, *yo, k2tog* to end of row, turn, repeat. it grew quickly.
CT: NORMAL RESULTS, hallelujah, home by 5:30 am.
in the neurologist's waiting room 6 hours later, i added 2 more rows and started the 3 needle bind-off after i decided that a cowl would be a good thing for me. it is quite lovely and warm (i wore it yesterday) and it doubles as a headband.
my little boy is fine, we're addressing the situation which is not as dire as the experts feared, and we're off to baja, baby. i need a vacation.


Rachel May said...

Oh how scary! I'm glad to hear it wasn't a tumor. Love the color of your knitting!
Rachel May

me said...

very glad to hear that your boy is not in that dire situation. I don't know why docs do that to us non-doctors... get us all worked up for nothing.

have a good time in baja! see you when you get back!