Thursday, November 12, 2009

the grown-up version

wooly wormhead has a pattern for a grown-up tri-peak hat in addition to the pattern for the baby one i knit a few weeks ago. my husband liked the style of the tri-peak hat, so i thought i'd knit him one (this is my little boy modeling it). i had some silk garden in stash, so cast-on and started knitting.
i love the two row/two colorway noro striping made popular by jared flood and his hat and scarf, so i let the noro gods do the color planning for this hat, too.
even with size 7 needles, the hat ended up being pretty big, so i ended up ripping it out and reknitting with 90 stitches. i also ribbed the edge instead of letting it roll, because he'll probably wear the hat to sleep when we're camping, and the roll might be annoying. if i were to do it again, i'd make it an inch shorter. the 10 inch length includes the roll.

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