Saturday, August 14, 2010

i AM the macguyver of knitting

these are my new stitch markers.  yes, they're plain, but they can be fancied up, can't they?  so why am i the macguyver of knitting?
if you know what those little cylinders are, you and i are in the same club.  for everyone else, those little containers hold insulin to be dispensed by an insulin pump, used by people with type 1 diabetes.  actually, you might be in the club of people who have t1d.  i am in the mom of the t1d kid club.

i was getting really aggravated with the last stitch marker of the many many stitch markers on my long-neglected clapotis, because it was just a sloppy, floppy piece of yarn.  how i thought of those little gaskets on the cylinder, i do not know, but i broke into the sharps container to grab them.
i grabbed many!  now here is my little stitch marker in place:
goodbye, old marker, you served me well, but you annoyed me once too often;  clapotis, beware -- i have finish-itis!
now my hands smell like insulin;  yes, mom, i DID wash them really well, but since i'm in colorado on vacation, i'll eat a nice, beautiful, luscious palisade peach, right from the fruit stand on the highway, just to make sure my blood sugar does not run low ;-)

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