Friday, August 27, 2010

that's me in the corner

so that is my week, right there, the first week of school, tidied up a LOT.  i did NOT take a picture of my desk.  that's just the kitchen table -- my desk is not ready for its close-up. ツ

i have a long "what i [knit] this summer" essay to write, lots of stuff to share and document.  i think if i do it in dribs and drabs, i may actually get it done.  the last two posts have inspired me to just do what i can in terms of posting.  me and tiger.  just DO it!

SO -- what's that at the bottom of the table?
the via veneto mason-dixon table runner, nearly done!  all the knitting is complete.  i need to block it (today??? she asked breathlessly, crossing her fingers), weave the yellow/gold yarn through the dropped stitches, and weave in the ends.  then off to someone special.  as yet undecided.  ツ  it's kind of like a baby -- you can't really decide on the name until you see if the name fits that child -- you can't decide on a knit-gift recipient until you see if the gift fits the person!

knitting details -- i liked knitting this for the most part.  i used rowan milk cotton dk 098 "water bomb" (not an attractive name!), nearly four full skeins of the blue, and it took about a half skein of the red.  i used a US size three needle to get a firmer fabric, and i'm glad i did.  the addi's are slippery, which makes me knit a bit more loosely.  the pattern was easy to memorize, so excellent "stoplight knitting".  i wish i had cast off differently, as the bind-off end looks different from the cast-on end where the stitches are dropped.  i should have listened to myself as i was doing it.  but i think it can be fixed in blocking.  the yarn is gorgeous and shiny, but of course very splitty, as shiny cotton will be.

i can't wait to show you the final final finished product -- i like the colors they used in the original, and hope that mine reflects some of the same wonderful contrasts and pizzazz.

ravlink, if you like.

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