Wednesday, April 27, 2011

flip-flop weather

well, it's gotten hot fast here in southern california!  i am no longer interested in holding a hot blanket in my lap in the sun at little league games or swim practice.  i need a new outdoor project, one that would qualify as "stoplight knitting", or knitting i can do without paying much attention.

enter the flip-flop sock (ravlink)! 
i cast on yesterday with some frogged project sock yarn, sensations bamboo and ewe from joanns.  it is very soft, but bit splitty to work with.  the socks are knit from the toe(s) up, as you can see, and start with the interesting turkish cast-on.  it is always fun to learn a new technique!

i am still working away on my hip to be square quilt!  indoors only ツ


Sassafrass said...

Ah, stoplight knitting. I appreciate these kinds of projects in the summer when camping most. Just pull yarn out of your bag and knit away!

Those flip flop socks are adorable - I love the colors of the yarn, even if it is splitty.

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Flip flop socks are just what my blue toes need, so thank you for a link!