Thursday, April 21, 2011

hip to be square

i recently learned how to miter a square in tunisian crochet.  it is fun, easy, and goes really quickly, like most tunisian projects.  then, kay of mason-dixon knitting published a blanket pattern, knit from mitered squares, with a neutral corner on each square, and surrounded with the neutral in a log cabin fashion.  GORGEOUS!  and supports aid for japan!  go buy the pattern! (link goes to mdk blog, "buy now" button in upper righthand corner of page)

i mention all this because, from this confluence of knowledge and ideas, i was inspired to crochet a blanket using mitered squares, a relatively non-neutral neutral, and eliminating the log cabin surrounding portion.  a natural evolution of thought, no?  シ
i've never knit a blanket.  too much boring work.  but noro, dear noro, with its crazy ever-changing colors, keeps it interesting.  i'm using noro aya, primarily cotton and silk, as the exciting colorful part.  i selected three main colorways, because i want a lot of variety and fun in this blanket, and frankly, i just don't care about having perfectly color-matched squares.  i'm hoping to have it not look too random, so after crocheting the first 10 or 11 squares as they came out of the ball, i'm now doing a minimum of planning and selecting the colors as i place the squares. 

i believe i'll do 36 squares.  i've already completed 13-3/4.  i'd like to use that bluish green as a border all around.  that yarn is rowan wool cotton, soft and produces about the same gauge as the noro aya for me.  part of what has made this project fun is that, in order to produce a square containing four squares, i had to figure out an appropriate method for casting on after i picked up stitches along an edge.  woooooo!  shivers of problem-solving delight! シ if you are familiar with the modified crochet cast-on in knitting, you will know how i decided to proceed.

finally, if you've been reading here for a while, you may remember the tirelessly blooming orchid my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday 1-1/2 years ago.  apparently, it thrives on neglect (the only way to thrive at my house!), and is now blooming again!  here she is:
happy spring!  happy easter!  a blessed passover!

and of course, happy knitting.


Leena said...

OH, I love your blanket already ;)
and also the yarn, Noro!

We have here in Finland a truck which is visiting many pcities and they are teaching how to knit the granny square ;)

People are giving blankets to charity also.
Happy easter!

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Happy Easter to you! Your orchid is beautiful. I'm a lousy gardener, but luckily DH has a little bit greener thumb than I have.