Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ain't hurtin' nobody

look who joined my photoshoot (5 second video) --  the itsy-bitsy spider! ツ

here are some pictures of the pre-blocked pashmina herringbone scarf.  it's SO pretty in person.  i think blocking will take care of some of the edge curl there, though i see the original has a bit of a curl, so it may be the nature of the stitch.
project notes:  the finished scarf weighs 3.95 ounces, and i have .20 oz. left.  whew!  the last few rounds i weighed my yarn every time i hit that marker.  the last round before binding off i knit using a much smaller needle (size 5) than the whole rest of the scarf (size 11).  i knew i would do a sewn bind-off to match the cast-on edge, and i did not want it to be too saggy and loose.  i had about 1 foot of yarn left over from my sewn bind-off edge!  and i thought i was being overly generous in my length estimate!

here it is doubled around my neck:
here it is with one folded end tucked into the other:

is this what your "seam" looks like?  i think i followed the round transition instructions properly, and i like how it looks, but i haven't found any photos of anyone else's seam. 
ETA:  now that i'm DONE, i've noticed that a lot of people solved the edge problem by using a crocheted cast-on and then a typical bind-off.  simple and elegant solution.


Sassafrass said...

Oooooh, lovely! I just bound off mine today, too! I think I like your seams better!

Did you find it very tight at first? I was reading some folks were having real trouble with the first 2 rows, but I didn't seem to experience that.

Did you love the yarn? It looks great on you!

knitinsage said...

thanks, sassu!
not as tight as others found the first few rows, but i cast-on really loosely (part of the reason it's curling, i think).

the yarn is the madelinetosh pashmina, and it is so soft and lovely to knit. it does develop a halo pretty quickly, which i don't like as well, but the stitches just fall into place!

thank you! i was going to give this away, but, hmmmmmm. ;-)

Leena said...

It looks so smooth and the colour is fantastic.
Good for you!