Tuesday, March 8, 2011

needlework update

i got a new toy.  it has enabled me to frog ugly projects, or projects where the yarn does not suit the pattern, or bad ideas gone wrong, and leaves me with beautiful cakes of potential.
this is my laceweight sterling silver impregnated yarn, in its new form.  i wanted to make a shawl out of it, combining knitted lace with tunisian crochet.  it just was ugly.  now i think this yarn wants to be opera length fingerless gloves.  we'll see.
i am stalled at day 11 of the advent calendar scarf.  it is fun, absolutely lovely, and i will continue -- i am NOT going to frog this.  however, it requires a lot of attention, and i'm unable to attend to my knitting right now.
here's a little summary of some of the things i have going, labeled 1-6, starting in the lower left and going clock-wise (you'll have to double-click on it to really see the numbers, sorry):
  1. advent calendar scarf:  beautiful, fun, complex, stalled at day 11
  2. herringbone cowl:  beautiful, fun, EASY, about 60% done by weight
  3. tunisian scarf:  3 color technique illustration for classes:  easy, fun, interesting to look at, hurts my wrist to work on too much, not very portable, about 40% done
  4. ball-winder and first frogging victim of the ball-winder
  5. cotton projects: dish cloths i knit while traveling, a grocery bag in progress (40%).  easy
  6. unblocked tunisian crochet experiment:  mitered square entrelac hobo bag.  just needs to be blocked and seamed -- 90% done.
there you go!  i do not spend ALL of my time bragging about my lovely weather ツ


Sassafrass said...

Please tell me what #6 is, it's SO lovely.

And your advent calendar scarf looks beautiful too! I can imagine the attention it requires though.

Leena said...

You too!
I love the toy!
I love the coulor of green scarf ;)

me said...

thanks for not bragging about your weather.

knitinsage said...

it was all i could do, mary. weather talk is HUGE for me ;-)