Wednesday, March 2, 2011

un milagro para nosotros

here are two short videos from our recent trip to laguna san ignacio, on the pacific side of baja california, to see the whales. we went out on a small panga (boat), the first day with four italian tourists (i got to haul out my ancient french to speak with them), and saw many beautiful california grey whales exhibiting typical behaviors, like the "fluking" i captured here:
the second, more magical trip, on the next day, we took with just our family and an experienced captain. he took us to the mouth of the lagoon, where we encountered a very sociable mother whale, who wanted to introduce her baby to boats and people.  this mama and her HUGE baby were right next to our boat.  she came so close that i was able to touch her head.  it was a remarkable experience.
un milagro -- a miracle -- a gift from the universe.  truly the experience of a lifetime.


Leena said...

Oh, what an experience for you all.
Mum whale and baby was so cute ;)

Rachel May said...

That sounds absolutely amazing! So lucky to catch it on camera too!