Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sights around town today, and someone i'd like to know

i worked (for pay) today, doing the books down at my husband's office.  i always drive by this wonderful old sears building/factory -- i don't know how old it is, but it looks very art deco.  i snapped this pic with my cellphone, as i was driving by.  i have NO idea how my phone bent the building, but here it is!  unretouched.  sometime i'll get a reasonable picture (it's an amazing building, see the link), but that pic made me laugh.

this is a very old pink building, paint peeling off brick, that i drove by today.  it looks like a school?  a church?  it may be abandoned now, i'm not sure.

then i went to costco, where lettuce is 1/3 the price at the grocery store, and snapped this shot behind the warehouse. the last line of the ATTENTION sign says "OF YOUR TRAILER?"  i wonder how many times trucks have driven off with fork-lifts and operators on board?!?  to warrant a sign like this, i expect at least once!

finally, i'd love to know this person: (the photo is terrible, i'm sorry)
she has such joy in life that her license plate says "SQWEE"!!!  what a thrill to just get in the car and drive!  she had several funny bumper stickers, but my favorite is the light blue one on the right side of the rear window.  it says: "I Haven't Been The Same Since That House Fell On My Sister!" 

me, neither, girl.  me, neither.

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Sassafrass said...

Love the Sears sign on the old building. Sometimes, I find similar little gems hiding around places, but never in that great a condition!