Monday, March 7, 2011

spring is coming. part 2.

do you suppose that opening the window will blow out all the flu germs?  it certainly makes everyone feel a bit better. ツ

ETA:  the tree you see there is an evergreen, a huge coast live oak we have in our back yard.  so while leaves are starting to bud on other trees right now, the oak always is green.


Sassafrass said...

Are those leaves I see on your tree? I'm envious. My eyes CRAVE leaves!

I love the ribbons of your curtain, too So rich in the sunlight.

Zoe said...

Open windows! Oh I can't wait... but it snowed here again last night, so it will be a while for mine.

Leena said...

I love your curtain, colour is so fantastic ;)
Thank you for your comment :D

Yes, spring is coming, weather is daily -3 c and -10 c at nights...

Icefishing later on this week - yes!

Rachel May said...

LOVE that bright fun curtain! Can't wait for spring. It's snowing here in Denver today, but it's sunny too-weird but nice.