Saturday, May 7, 2011

little league play-offs

at this time of the little league season, games can go to 6 innings or more.  that is plenty of time to try a new technique while sitting in the sunshine cheering on your team.  i watched one of these video tutorials yesterday on this technique called cro-knit or crochenit, and thought i'd use up some kitchen cotton giving it a try.  i only have a one-ended afghan hook, so had to take the hook out of all loops to reinsert it from the other direction, but that is not hard with the cotton.
it makes a sturdy, reversible fabric, fantastic for a dishcloth, and very pretty in person.  one side is more one color, one another.

here, i have pulled apart the stitches a bit to show you how it looks.  the woven-looking aspect of tunisian crochet is hidden by the density of the fabric.
it would be easier with a two-sided crochet hook, but was fun and went quickly even without it!

as long as our team remains in the play-offs, i guess i'll be using up kitchen cotton and making dishcloths!

ETA:  i really don't like the name of this technique "cro-knit" -- sounds silly to me.  plus, how do you translate that?  i think the technique should be called two-sided afghan stitch or something like that.  will you tell me the name of this technique in your language, if it's not english?  thank you!


Leena said...

Oh, thanks about the link...
It is very good :D
Now I know how to change colour ;)

Leena said...

About the icehockey -
I am also watching icehockeys worldchamps from Slovakia ;)
We won Slovakia last night 2-1 :D