Saturday, May 14, 2011


on an impulse last year, while at my lys, i grabbed some jitterbug yarn and started knitting the lovely coquille shawlette pattern.  i got this far into it, and stopped.  the yarn is NOT right for the pattern.  the yarn is springy and bouncy, and this pattern needs thin and drapey.  the colors change constantly, and the pattern needs longer repeats.

can you see what's coming?  the ball-winder snuck up to it...

... and here we have it -- a mint chocolate chip colored yarn cake of potential!  (the yarn is prettier than in this over-exposed photo.)


Sassafrass said...

Bummer about all the work getting frogged, but on to better things with the yarn!

Any plans for it?

Leena said...

Oh, I Like that a lot ;)
and yarn´s colour is amazing!

Tonight Finland is playing for icehockeys world championsips vs Sweden, our dear neighbour.

Thumps up!