Wednesday, February 4, 2009

jacques cousteau pour ma jeune fille

i have to say that the last part of this hat goes really quickly. my superbowl sunday ambitions aside, it was fun to knit, especially when i switched to the noro kureyon and started the decreases.
it is too small for an adult, but thing 1 loves to wear hats (i need to knit one of those felted cloches for her) so i gave it to her.

the swirlies are great. i (compulsive about changing a pattern) did a ssk decrease instead of the kks -- i wanted the ribs to sort of disappear, not crash into a wall. i did not knit all that 3x2 rib, several more inches for folding up as a brim -- it would have been pretty hot here in socal. if i were to do this pattern again, i think i would try doing the decreases right up against the vertical knit rib instead of the purl part of the rib. just for grins to see how it looks.

in this picture, the swirlies are pretty visible but the color is too bright.

in this picture, the colors are right but the swirlies are blurry.
on to the next project. i have two bags ready to decorate and felt, and just haven't done anything with them. i am not inspired on the decorating, and i need that inspiration. it'll hit! it just hasn't yet. in the meantime, my nephew at bucknell where it has been snowing and snowing has suggested he could use "the hat that you made for uncle joel -- it's awesome". how flattering! it's simple and gorgeous -- brooklyntweed's pattern. here's mine, if you're on ravelry, featuring my brother, uncle joel ;-).

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