Thursday, February 5, 2009

locks of love with lots of love

as you saw in the chinese new year post, thing 1 has long blond hair. she's been growing it, trying to get the 10 inches necessary to send a ponytail to locks of love, a wonderful non-profit that makes hair prostheses for children with medical hair loss. i guess she sniffed a sudden whiff of crazy the other day, and got out scissors to crop a few inches (6!) off the hair that hangs down on either side of her face. so it seemed the time to see whether she could fulfill her goal -- we measured, and she could. so locks of love is getting a blond pony, and she has a brand new adorable bob.

the point of no return: (she said she closed her eyes ;-)

the deed is done:

this shows you the haircut and how happy she is, without subjecting her sweet face to the dangers of the internet wild frontier:

off it goes! she wrote a note saying "i know the child who receives this hair will love it. i have." ;-)

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Rachel May said...

That is so sweet! When I first moved to Denver, I had super-long hair...there's a pic of it on facebook. I donated it to locks of love too, and know so many other girls that have. I think it's such a wonderful organization with such an honorable and achievable mission. Great to hear.