Tuesday, February 3, 2009

she looked out through the kitchen window

i love looking out my kitchen window at this time of year. i have a tangerine tree straight out there, and at this time of year the tangerines are ripe and beautiful. i prefer looking at them to eating them (!). see them down there on the left?

at the corner of my house, accessible from my neighbor's driveway, is a lemon tree. i use those lemons all year round in my cooking -- even if they're old and sprouting seeds in the middle, the rind is still lemony and flavorful, and the juice is still tart and sour. i wish i could convey with pictures how pretty it looks. at another corner of the house is an unruly bird of paradise plant. how fantastic that doing some necessary trimming in the garden leads to a bouquet of b of p and ficus in my kitchen window.

in the morning (right now) the sun is streaming onto the lemons, making the ripe ones gleam. i am a lucky gal.

lemon yellow, tangerine orange, bird of paradise spike blue.

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