Wednesday, February 24, 2010

follow me...

my new internet acquaintance and lovely blogger marie tells me that she would follow my blog if i just put a button up. so here it is, crossing my fingers that it works!

rachel may has been lonely in the official following room, so i guess if i make it easy, she'll get some company. it's been a while since i linked to her blog (though i do go there regularly -- see "must-reads" over there in the sidebar), and i recommend going to her etsy store. she makes beautiful handmade journals and cards.

i've been knitting; i'll catch up on the picture-taking later this week, i think.

in the meantime, my ravelry/facebook/blog/twitter friend mary from taiwan attended my moebius class at abuelita's (my fav lys), and shared this picture on facebook -- here are all the relieved faces, having conquered the cast-on and just knitting away on their moebii! she should charge me a publication fee on this photo -- i've posted it everywhere and emailed it even more!

i hope you don't mind, mary! thank you again! ;-)

i have to say, knitters are the nicest (and funniest) people. we had a blast, even though that cast-on is sheer faith and determination to get through the first time!

ETA: i've added marie's blog, permission to unwind, and my friend ulli's blog, pure handmade to my must-reads. it's been a while since i edited that list! e.


Marie-Jolie said...

See? I am following you, just like I promised I would. :) Very good of you to add it, because it makes it easy for me to come back and check to see what you're up to.

What a lovely bunch of knitters you get to spend time with. Lucky you!

knitinsage said...

woo hoo! thanks for following -- you're an inspiration, marie.