Sunday, February 7, 2010

i guess i won't notice

we have no purchased recycling box here. we use the boxes supplied by costco to carry our groceries out, and change them when they get too yucky/sticky. they're out on the "service porch" (laundry room), so they don't have to be good-looking, just usable. it's time for a change, and here's the new box:i thought "ewww! i have to look at a metamucil box every time i recycle something." then i got ready to swap it out, and...

...look at the old one: here's a closer look:
HAHA! i think metamucil is a step up!

i had no idea the old one was a fleet box. adult! double ewwww!

i'm sensing a theme here, however...

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Rachel May said...

Metamucil is definitely a step up-never thought I'd say that in my lifetime.
Rachel May