Friday, February 26, 2010

ode to the olympics

i saw the hat and wanted it.  and then found that someone had reverse-engineered it.  i was golden!
(having trouble stranding invisibly)
i decided to make it my knitting olympics project, instead of forcing myself to write a pattern for my ruffly moebius. (i'll still do that, but not by sunday.)  and i won't finish this by sunday, either.  i'm about ready to switch back to size 5 needles because comments indicate the hat runs really tall.
and when i forgot to bring enough knitting to wednesday night knit at abuelita's, i indulged in some malabrigo sock yarn -- i have never knit with it before, and it's lovely and soft, just as i'd heard.
here's the little pocket for the martha stewart scarf.  i saw the link on mason-dixon the other day, and so thought i'd knit it up.

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