Thursday, March 18, 2010

i took an amazing picture today

this is a koi fish in a pond at descanso gardens in la cañada.  it's an incredible image, if i do say so myself.  sheer accident, may i add.

because thing one has the type 1 diabetes, i get to go on all the field trips.  since i didn't grow up here, it's an awesome way to be a tourist in my own town.  this is my favorite time of year to go to descanso, because the camellia trees are in full bloom, and the understory of the forest is amazing.
here are some close-ups:
this one, i believe, is a pink perfection camellia, planted by almost every pasadena homeowner for decades, starting in the 1920's.  they are ubiquitous, and quite lovely.
you know i can't resist a bud!

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