Wednesday, March 3, 2010

olympic fail

ok, well, that's a bit harsh, but i'm not awarding myself a medal.
  1. i did not start my project at the opening ceremonies (we were camping in baja --  what opening ceremonies?)
  2. i decided 4 days later not to even try to do the "event" i had in mind.
  3. i started 2 (count 'em) new projects during the olympics -- the equivalent, i guess, of trying to switch from the US to the estonian team mid-stride of the nordic combined.
  4. i haven't finished anything.
so here's where i am on my 2 new projects:
this guy is a SLOG!  i'm not that good at stranding, i followed the chart without examining it thoroughly (see the incomplete white "V" there in the front ), and with the antlered creatures, there is no memorizing a chart -- you just have to keep consulting it.  in other words, this is not "stoplight knitting."  on the other hand, what a great-looking hat it will be!

in other olympic distractions, this little scarf is looking quite pretty, it's REALLY easy -- i am just getting a little bored.  but it will knit up quickly if i just DO it
(does nike need a knitter to feature in their ads?  
the new logo is ready, as is the direct deposit info...)

i have an idea for knitting up a shawl with some lace yarn i bought.  (i also have an idea for some fingerless mitts -- that's why i bought the yarn.)  the mitts may have to head to the back burner -- i need a shawl, and i think i can do one quickly and easily.

famous last words!

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