Monday, March 8, 2010

oboe, play me an "A"

this is my biggest azalea bush.  at this time of year, when i look at it, i get the same feeling i do when i hear an orchestra tuning before a concert.  it is the feeling of anticipation.  in the sense of smell, it might be the scent of popcorn.  it's that you know something wonderful is coming, and your senses are sending "ooo!  ooo!  ooo!" signals to your brain.

this is what the buds look like when they're at this "tuning" stage -- the azalea almost looks pregnant.  for me, the anticipation is palpable.

the whole azalea is eventually covered with these perfect white blossoms.  actually, some of the flowers have a pink streak, since the hybrid variety came from pink stock.

the camellias want some attention, too.

aren't we lucky in socal in march?

ps -- as always, click on the picture to supersize it.  they're a bit blurry as i did not use a flash here at dusk...

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Le Meems said...

ohmigosh. I sooooooo want a knit beanie with eggs for eyes and bacon for a mouth. LEts work out a trade :)