Thursday, October 14, 2010

crocheting in lilliput

it looks like a short, odd crochet hook, doesn't it?

(sorry it's blurry) here is that crochet hook next to a skein of bulky yarn.  i popped by a stitch in time yesterday to grab a size Q hook -- i really did not know they came that big -- in order to crochet up this cute hat from the purl bee.  the prefelted hat is ginormous!

it seemed like an excellent use of this yarn i received as payment in kind for a sample i knit up for a local yarn store.  sadly, i did not like the feel of the yarn or the fabric it knit into, so i've wondered what i would do with it.  it has almost identical properties to the yarn recommended in the bucket hat pattern, so i thought i'd give it a go.  i cannot imagine that this thing will felt down to a wearable size -- it's 48" in circumference along the bottom -- but it will be great-looking if it does.  i've never felted a crocheted item before, so that's an adventure as well.

a FO is in my future, i can smell it!   or is that just the wet lambswool...


Zoe said...

That looks like a lot of fun. A tip though, in the case that it does not felt down to hat size, you can always turn it upside down, add handles and have a beautiful new bag!

knitinsage said...

zoe, i love that idea! either that or a round container ;-)

it has felted down to almost a reasonable size. i think i'd make it a bit smaller were i to do it again.

thank you for the comment! do come back soon!