Saturday, October 2, 2010

well, cr&p.

so much for "Miss High-and-mighty, I'm using lifelines, nyah-nyah"!  i meant to put one in after clue 3.  the road to hell and all...

i mean really, it's like saving or backing up on the computer, isn't it?  you should save/back up when you don't want to recreate what you've done.  since i did NOT follow my own "sage" advice often enough, i have much time invested now in the deep annoyance of:
  1. realizing that something does not look right, 
  2. trying to fix something 3 rows ago, 
  3. realizing that looks WORSE and tinking back, 
  4. and the most aggravating thing of all -- knowing that i know better and could have prevented all this by just (say it with me) using a lifeline!
i did figure out this morning that i will NOT have to frog to my lifeline on row 32.  in fact, i this morning i found that i had knit 14 stitches instead of 13 on one section on row 67, setting up my "wait a second, this doesn't look right" moment 2-1/2 rows later.

bbl -- gotta go put in a lifeline. knitting will ensue.  and some ryder cup golf watching.  and some college football watching.  oh, yes, i am QUITE busy.  haha!

ps -- i wish i had taken a picture of the weird stitch arrangement that clued me into my error last week, but i panicked ツ


ulli said...

oh no! i thought i saw a lifeline when you showed me the shawl....

Leena said...

Hi, I had same problems than in my second one.
It wasn´t easy to knit that one me either.
I know that you can do it ;)
I sure about that.
Greetings from windy and warm Lapplad