Monday, October 18, 2010

i'm felting, i'm felting...

what a world, what a world!
my crazy enormous hat felted down, as you can see, to a reasonable size.

it's still really large, but quite comfortable.  it's not supposed to have that brim, but i like it!  the colors are better than illustrated here -- they're actually quite restrained in an autumnally lovely sort of way.   bad hair days, i presently defy thee!

my official french market bag, in these dark days of me not being in the mood for knitting, benefited by getting its embroidery on.  instead of my customary daisy chain, i back-stitched my decor in order to get a finer level of detail.
here it is pre-felting:

and then post-felting, sitting upside down on the coffee maker with one of those square tupperware containers doing the blocking.  it fits perfectly.

you can still see a great deal of stitch definition.  why did i not felt it more?
  1. i did not want it to get smaller, as the handles are pretty short when knit per the pattern
  2. size 7 needles are really pretty small, i believe, for felting the lamb's pride.  i think i'd go up to 8's if i were to do it again.  this would help the stitches rub against one another and cancel one another out.  ッ  as it were.
  3. the flash makes it look more stitch-defined than it really is. 
  4. this one is a reminder for me for the future:  the bind-off sections could easily have a penultimate row of garter, to prevent so much curling.
  5. well, i think that's it.
i'll take another picture when the bag is dry and ready for its close-up.  but this wicked witch loves her some paisleys, can you tell?  in my former days of gainful employment, the paisley was my favorite doodle.  before i was able to play solitaire on the computer while listening to a customer complain interminably, multi-colored paisley doodles on a desk pad soothed my bored and anxious brain.  i replicated that notion in yarn here. ッ

somehow i never figured out that all i had to do was click my heels three times...


Leena said...

Oh, you are already done!

Hat is very nice and the bag colour
and decotation is so funderfull.

The first snow is gone it smelt away. But it will bi coming more soon ;)

By the way the flu is here.MY mum, my brother and daughters are ill in our holiday...

Leena said...


Sassafrass said...

I love the hat of course, but that BAG. I love, love, love it! I've never done any kind of embellishment like that on a project before felting. I have GOT to try this, you make it look so beautiful~